Medical Insurance

Canopy Insurance brokers offers comprehensive health insurance covers tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. The covers include outpatient treatment, hospitalization, chronic care and employee wellness. These options extend to local and international emergency evacuation and are suitable for members and expatriates who frequently travel worldwide.

Products Include:

Personal Accident

This is an insurance that provides you with cover in the event of injuries, disability or death caused solely by an accident.

What benefits do I get when I purchase Personal Accident Insurance?

The benefits include;

  • Weekly payment – Pays a weekly income for the period you are out of work as a result of injury from an accident.
  • Medical Expenses - Pays for medical expenses that arise from treating you after an accident including dental and optical expenses
  • Emergency Evacuation – Covers emergency medical evacuation expenses.
  • Pay for the cost of artificial appliances that arise from an accident such as crutches, hearing aid and prosthetics
  • Permanent Disability – in the event of permanent disability caused by an accident, the insurance pays for a pre-determined percentage of the insured amount or a pre-determined multiple of salary.
  • Accidental Death – In the event that life is lost due to an accident, the insurance will pay the total insured amount or a pre-determined multiple of salary.

Group Personal Accident

This policy can be developed with adequate limits and excellent benefits to ease the financial and social worries that these accidents result in. The benefits of Death, Permanent Total Disablement, loss of Weekly Income and Medical Expenses resulting from the accident are available under this cover.


Why take up a group personal accident cover?

  • Eliminate the burden of having all your employees completed detailed proposal forms by just giving generalized information about the group you want to have insured.
  • The employees or proposed insureds do not have to undergo rigorous medical examination before cover commences.
  • Your employees are motivated as a GPA policy is a benefit to them.
  • Additional covers including funeral expenses, artificial appliances can be arranged at reasonable costs.
  • A minimum number of 5 employees will be required to effect cover.


Death:The beneficiary will be paid the specified limits or multiples of annual salary incase of the Insured's death.
Permanent Total Disablement:Total and absolute disablement from engaging in or giving attention to an insured person's usual occupation.
Temporary Total Disablement: Disablement wholly but temporarily preventing an insured person from engaging in or giving attention to usual occupation.
Medical Expenses:Include operation fees, cost of surgical appliances, dental ophthalmic or nursing home charges and travelling expenses including ambulance costs reasonably incurred by the insured as a result of injury.

Individual Medical Covers

This cover provides cover for Medical expenses for individuals and Families as a result of Illness or accident for hospitalization including Surgeons, Doctors and Anesthetist fees, operating Theatre, Diagnostic services, Physiotherapists fees, prescribed drugs, dressings and surgical appliances

Group Medical Schemes

Provides cover for Medical expenses as a result of Illness or accident for hospitalization including Surgeons, Doctors and Anesthetist fees, operating Theatre,  Diagnostic services, Physiotherapists fees, prescribed drugs, dressings and surgical appliances.

Medical schemes can be arranged in two ways:-


Self- funded                 :         Where the insured meets the cost of medical expenses it can managed by

insurance brokers for a fee or it can be self-managed.


Insured schemes          :         The insured pays a premium and the insurers meet the medical bills as

they occur.

It is possible to arrange credit facilities with major hospital such that the persons covered can go the nominated hospitals and bills sent to the insured other than having to pay cash.

Workmen Injury Benefit Act (WIBA)

Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA) policy covers employees of the Insured whilst on duty and engaged in the execution of the Insured's business &/or any project undertaken by the insured, against accidental bodily injury, disablement or death or occupational illness.


Benefits to the company 

  • Compensates employees in case of death, injury and disease contacted in the  cause of employment and for connected purposes –death or permanent disability, the compensation is for 96 months earning
  • Weekly earnings following an accident (Actual earnings up to 52 weeks)
  • Medical expenses up to a specified limit
  • Last expense