APA Group Life Umbrella  

What is APA Umbrella Group Life?

  • The APA Umbrella Group Life is a life policy that targets SME’s and individuals that would not ordinarily go for the traditional Group Life product which is normally based on annual salary
  • This is a tailor made Scheme negotiated by Canopy Insurance Brokers Ltd with APA LIFE
  • The policy term is one (1) year but renewable annually

APA Umbrella Group Life Benefits

Death BenefitsBenefit payable to beneficiary(s) at the event of death of insured person, due to accident ,illness or natural causes
Permanent Total Disability
  • Benefit payable on permanent and total disability due to accident, illness and natural causes
  • Benefits payable as a lump sum
  • A person is deemed disabled if he/she is incapable of engaging in his/her profession
Critical IllnessPayment of 50% of the death benefit to cater for treatment for first time diagnosed critical illnesses. Examples
of critical illnesses (Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, Coronary Artery Disease, Major Organ Transplant, Kidney
failure, Paraplegia or paralysis).
Funeral ExpenseBenefits paid to beneficiaries of a deceased member within 48 hours to cater for funeral arrangements/burial costs

Benefits structure and premiums

Am I eligible for this cover?

  • Death benefit - eligibility is between age 18 and 70 years, cover will cease at age 75 years
  • Permanent Total Disability (PTD) benefit - eligibility is between age 18 and 70 years, cover to cease at age 75 years
  • Critical Illness benefit - cover ceases at 65 years

Is there a waiting period?

  • The waiting period for death due to any illness is 3 months from the commencement date of the cover
  • For critical illness, the waiting period is 3 months
  • At renewal ,there will be no waiting period

What are the requirements to join the Umbrella Scheme?

  • Completion of Individual Application Form and a Health Questionnaire
  • Payment of premium APA Life Insurance Ltd


  • Active participation in war (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, military or usurped power, riot, civil
    commotion, violence or any act of terrorism.
  • The Life Assured wilfully exposing himself to needless peril (except in a attempt to save human life) or the Life Assured committing
    or attempting to commit suicide.
  • The Life Assured being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, narcotics and substances (except as prescribed by a
    registered medical practitioner).
  • Any intentional contravention of any criminal law, whether legislative or at common law, by the Life Assured, or with the Life
    Assured’s permission or knowledge or by any person claiming any benefit under the Policy.

Group Life/Accident Insurance  

This policy ensures specified benefits are paid to beneficiaries upon death of insured person whilst in service. Benefits can be fixed amounts or can be based on earnings of the persons covered.

Family Funeral Plan  

Family Funeral Plan covers the funeral costs of the insured. Moreover, the policy may also cover related expenses