Money Insurance

Money Insurance protects your organization against "All Risks" of physical loss and/or damage to money whilst in transit to and from the premises and while it is in the premises during and after working hours.

Products Include:

Bankers' Blanket Bond

Banks and other financial institutions face a higher level of exposure to financial loss resulting from criminal behavior than most other institutions.  Employee theft, embezzlement, forgery, hold up and fraud are all real risks in today's business environment and even more so in the financial sector. The Bankers Blanket Bond policy addresses these risks.

As the name implies this is a comprehensive crime and Fidelity package designed specifically for banks and other Financial Institutions. We deal with reputable and financially sound Underwriters.

Cash in Transit/Safe

This policy provides the insured with cover against loss of money while in the insured premises locked in a safe, in transit en route to a final destination and while in custody of and authorized employee.


This policy is tailored according to the insured’s estimates of annual cash transfers and cover limits. The money insured includes current coins, bank and currency notes, cheques, postal orders, and current postage stamps.

This cover is available under the following circumstances:


  • Money in Transit.
  • Money in premises during and after business hours while locked in drawers.
  • Money with the directors at residence or in transit.
  • Money with authorized staff.
  • Money in locked safe.
  • Money with the tellers at the counters or locked drawers.
  • Value of safe or strong room.
  • Unused local Authority, NSSF, or NHIF stamps.

In addition to the above named perils, cover can be extended to cover:

  • Hold ups
  • Riots and Strikes
  • Assault Cover which can be arranged for some additional premium.

Fidelity Guarantee

Fidelity implies the faithful or loyal performance of a duty and a fidelity guarantee policy is an insurance against the results of dishonesty or disloyalty, both of which stem from a lack of fidelity. Fidelity guarantee may be bought by any organization or person who may suffer as the result of the dishonesty, failure in the loyal performance of duty or, in certain cases, the mistake of another.


The majority of policies are issued to protect the employer against direct pecuniary loss, and in many cases, also loss of stock that the employer might sustain through acts of dishonesty by the employee in the course of his employment. In the light of this exposure, Insurers may make enquiries into the systems of checks and methods of supervision and into the business and domestic history of any employee whose fidelity is to be guaranteed.


The following policies are issued:

(a) Individual Policy:            

This type of policy is issued where one employee is covered by name for a stated amount.

(b) Collective Policy:

Named collective or unnamed collective

(c) Blanket Policy:

A form of unnamed policy which includes all employees without showing names or positions.

(d) Positions Policy:            

This is usually issued for local government guarantees. Instead of using names, the "position" is guaranteed for a specified amount